The Beginning

It all started with a book.

A book about food.
Hi, I’m Rachel a gal who’s always been a bit in love with the pioneer spirit and the idea of eking out a living on a plot of land, eating things grown or raised by your own hand, and cultivating an independent attitude along the way while still developing a community of like minded laborers. It’s probably a little too romanticized in my brain, because the books never tell you about all the time you’ll spend shoveling poo, but I’m still crazy excited about this adventure our family is on together! My amazing husband, Stuart, has jumped into this endeavor with me with his characteristic 110% he gives to everything and has really helped me to think that this truly is something we can accomplish together! Our 5 littles are enjoying the “ranch life” as well, and find wonder in so many of the things I would miss if it weren’t for seeing it through their eyes!

Yep, here I sit on a ranch with 6 laying chickens, 2 pregnant goats, a Little Red Barn (LRB for short) and a super fine green-house, all because my hubby suggested one night about a year ago that we listen to an audio book together.   And it’s probably not the kind of book you’d think of either.  It wasn’t Little House on the Prairie, or a book about start up farming, not about greenhouse gardening or even organic food.  It wasn’t about raw milk or pastured chicken eggs and the health benefits of both. Rather it was a book about the big food companies.

The book entitled “Salt, Sugar, Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us” had a more profound impact on our day-to-day life than I’m sure, the author ever even intended! It’s a book about mostly processed foods. And honestly we were already attempting to cut out a lot of that in feeding our family. But evening after evening when the littles were in bed, and we plugged in the iPod to listen to another chapter, I’d close my eyes to go to sleep and think, “I can’t ever eat ___________ again!”

And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. 🙂

That’s what kicked us off the high dive of learning to eat REAL food. Stuart decided early on that we absolutely needed to have a green house, one day as I was heading to town for groceries he also suggested I stop by a feed store and pick up some chicks, I started reading up on raw milk and as it looked like the only way to get our hands on some was to milk it ourselves, we invested in some Nigerian Dwarf Goats.

And that, my friends, in a nutshell is how Wandering Springs Ranch came to be! A LOT has happened in a year! A lot has changed about the way we think about food and the process that it goes through to get to our plates. And we want to share that process with you! Take you through some of the steps that have helped us along the way, and be transparent about the times we messed stuff up a bit, so maybe someone else won’t have to make the same mistakes. Over all it’s a grand adventure and so fun to be living the dream at last! 🙂