Pancakes are pretty easy to make. In fact, once I discovered just how easy it was to make pancakes from scratch, I felt pretty dumb for having made them from a “mix” for so many years! Seriously, there is no reason to be paying so much more for a pancake mix, or even a biscuit mix with undesirable ingredients in it. Just stop! 😉

So I’ve been using a basic recipe for a few years now and it makes FLUFFY pancakes and so very yummy! Then one day while browsing recipes for waffles I came across one that used some cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla. I made the waffle recipe and it was super yummy!! Then a lightbulb went off. Why not add the spices to pancakes too? I make them more often anyway, so voila! I tried it once and let me tell you I’m done making boring pancakes! 😉 It’s simple and so very yummy! So take your pancakes to the next level with this yummy recipe!

1 1/2 c. Flour
3.5 t. baking powder
1 t. salt
1 T. sugar
1 1/4 c. milk
1 egg
3 T. butter, melted
1 t. cinnamon
1 t. vanilla
pinch of nutmeg

In a large bowl sift together flour, baking powder, salt, sugar and spices. Pour in milk, egg, vanilla and melted butter. Mix until smooth. Heat lightly oiled griddle. Pour batter onto griddle aprox 1/4 c. per pancake. Brown on both sides.

Enjoy with some REAL maple syrup!! 🙂