This past Fall we decided we needed some house plants. We burn wood in the winter to heat our home and the result is dry, dusty, air! However, my track record with keeping plants alive is very… uh… not good! And our house is situated so that there really is not very many good spots for plants to get adequate light. Another strike not in their favor.

Stuart decided that he would be in charge of the house plants and keeping them healthy and happy so that was a load off of my shoulders. He also did some reading up on types of plants that make for the best air purifiers AND that thrive in low light conditions.

So I went to Lowe’s one day and came out with a basket full of green stuff! I do love having plants. I don’t love the stress of making them live. 😉 But we spread them around the house. Some are in the bedrooms, some are in hanging planters and some on this great plant stand that my Grandma gave us!


We’re learning which plants actually work in the spaces we have. We did have to lay to rest a pretty ivy. And that’s the second one we’ve done in, so I’m thinking ivy just may not be our thing. 😉 In the mean time I’m enjoying having some green things in our life during the cold months!