After ditching processed snacks and opting for fruit more of the time, I found that sometimes taking a little extra time to “fancy” things up kept me interested in making healthy choices. Not that there’s anything interesting about unwrapping a sugar filled granola bar, but for whatever reason I struggled with getting bored with apples and bananas, my typical go-to.

Plus I really like to pair my fruit snacks with a protein source of some kind so that it “sticks” better. Also helps your body metabolize the fructose in the fruit more slowly and avoid those blood sugar spikes!

Anyway, “doctoring” fruit really couldn’t be simpler. For this snack I chop an apple, usually honeycrisp because I LOVE them, add a dollop of plain yogurt, and a few nuts chopped! Mix it all up and enjoy! It’ll satisfy any sweet cravings and keep you plenty full! I usually have this after my afternoon workout and it’s amazing! 🙂

Try it out!