I’m not a huge fan of processed foods in general, but occasionally I do buy some that we can use as snacks. The last time I went to Costco to “stock up” I had our upcoming family trip to Disneyland in mind and wanted to bring along some snack options for us and the kids. I have to say that I was pretty impressed with the selection that Costco has of organic foods!! Not just in their snack food options, but I also found organic sugar (important to me because of GMO’s) organic canned tomatoes, organic whole wheat pastas, organic natural peanut butter! And I’m sure I’m missing some. The point is that it seems to be getting easier to find healthier options out there.

But still be vigilant about reading food ingredients labels. The organics label is nice to see on food products, but it doesn’t mean that the food doesn’t contain stuff you don’t want. 😉 Be discerning!! But if you need bulk sizes, like we often do, Costco seems to be a pretty good place to find things.