It’s no secret that the whole reason why Wandering Springs Ranch exists is because of food! 😉 We want to have more of a say in the foods that we eat, know where they come from, how they’ve been treated and get the most natural foods possible for our family. It’s been a process and a journey that I believe we’ll always be on. I’m mostly comfortable with where we are in our food life right now, not because we are producing all our own food yet, but because we have direction and are working toward that goal.

Making changes in our diets have resulted in changes in our lives in more ways than one! I’m going to discuss some of those obvious changes in upcoming posts, but for now I’m sure, based on the photo, you know what change I’m talking about today. 😉 Yup! I lost weight! A lot of things changed in our life between the before and after photo, including the addition of twins to our family. But I firmly believe that making better choices with our food helped the baby weight come off!!

That wasn’t the only factor as this year in May I got plugged in to some fitness challenge groups on Facebook. It was more like support groups for people who needed to make exercise a priority but need a bit of accountability and a push to make it a real habit in life. Just like eating better and making informed choices about food, I needed to make a point of fitness in my daily routine. I used Beachbody program T25 because the workouts are only 25 minutes and even I can’t come up with a good excuse to NOT do 25 minutes of exercise a day. 😉

So between May and September this year I lost 15 pounds! I’m still working toward my target weight goal, but I’m nearly there!! I feel so much better, not just about my size, but my energy, and outlook and confidence has all had a tremendous boost that I attribute to good food and consistent exercise! Because it impacted me so much, I decided to become a Beachbody coach as well, so that I can run challenge groups and give back a little by helping other people learn about food, make healthier choices and stick with their fitness programs! I’m enjoying it immensely!! Plus it helps keep me accountable and going in the right direction. 😉 I run groups monthly and all you have to do is be on facebook. So if you’d like to join one of my groups just friend me Rachel Zahn Noggle, on facebook and tell me you want in! I’d be happy to have you!!

The little steps are all you have to take! One day at a time, little by little, and it adds up to BIG change!

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