Split Pea Soup is one of my favorite comfort foods! I remember having it with tuna sandwiches as kids. Of course the kind we ate was usually the condensed kind that you had to chisel out of the can and then add water to it to make soup. 😉 I still loved it though! But the first time in my married life when I attempted to coax my hubby to try the somewhat lumpy green soup, I realized based on his reaction, that I needed to find a different way.

So I did! There’s oodles of soup recipes at your fingertips online, but I like this one because it’s versatile, very very simple and it totally works for my split pea comfort food, without the TONS of salt and other added ingredients that come in those cans of condensed soup. Bonus is that Stuart likes this kind too!!

Here’s what I do.


You don’t have to use meat, but my menfolk are usually more receptive to soups if it has some. 😉 I like it either way and if I’m just making it for me usually leave out the meat.

I got about 3 slices of our pastured bacon and chopped it up. Ham works really well too!


I let the bacon cook in the pot I’m making the soup in, and while it’s doing it’s thing, I chop some veggies!

The original recipe that I found for this soup didn’t have anything but onion,

but I found that I like a little color and flavor that some other veggies bring to it. I always try to use carrots


and celery,


but sweet peppers

and any number of things will probably work for ya! Be bold! 🙂

Add your chopped veggies to the pot right in the bacon grease, YUM!! 🙂 If you’re not using bacon, you’ll need a couple tablespoons of butter to sauté the veggies in.


You’ll also want to add about a Tablespoon of minced garlic. You are welcome to peel the cloves and chop them yourself if you want. 🙂 Most of the time I get the pre minced stuff, and that works for me.


Grab your bag of “bulk” organic split peas. (They have them at Safeway) or just a bag you bought from the shelf. You’ll want about a pound.


Rinse the peas. I’ve accidentally forgotten to do this a couple of times, and I’m not dead yet, but I try to remember to rinse them.


Add them to the pot once your veggies are starting to get a bit tender. Aren’t the colors awesome?!


Add about 6 cups of water or a mix of water and chicken broth. I usually do half and half. And toss in about a teaspoon of salt while you’re at it. I don’t want to over salt it and I usually add a little sprinkle of sea salt and some pepper to my bowl when I dish this up.


Bring it to a boil, cover and let it simmer for about 2 hours. If I’m going to have this for lunch, I try to start it around 10am.


This is really and truly one of my all time favorite soups and I eat it often during the Fall and Winter which is a good thing because we got a 25lb bag of split peas from our last Bountiful Basket order! 🙂 Yuuuuuummmmm!!!


2 C. Dried Split Peas
1 Medium onion Chopped
1 T. minced garlic
1 t. salt to taste
2 T melted butter or bacon grease
A few handfulls of chopped veggies your choice 🙂
6-7 C. Water or Chicken stock/broth