So I thought I’d start another “thing” cause that’s just what I do. 😉 I think a lot about food. Mostly because the whole reason we now have goats and chickens and our Little Red Barn and a garden and a green house, is because of food. (and it’s fun too!) But over the last couple of years as our family has changed how we think about food and what foods we eat, I’ve learned a few things. So I’m paying it forward by sharing bits with you. Maybe it makes sense to you maybe not but it’s fun for me to write it down anyway. 😉

Meal planning has been a lifesaver for me when I will be consistent to DO it and FOLLOW it. For one, we live in the boonies, and I can’t just run to the store for something I need for dinner. Secondly, if I’m trying to be careful about my eating, like not too many carbs, or watch the sweets, it’s easy for me to defer to a preset meal/snack plan. And lastly, it takes the pressure out of that 4pm “What’s for dinner?!?” feeling. 🙂 Plus you can do your grocery list at the same time and boom, saves you time in the long run, by a lot!

So here’s a week’s worth of meal planning… actually 6 days because Sunday is our church/shopping day and sadly we usually just “grab something” to feed our faces as we run errands… working on that. I always plan 2 snack for the day, but keep em on the same line for simplicity sake. 😉

B: Scrambled eggs with green chile
L: Split pea soup and honeydew melon
D: Pork chops and roasted butternut squash
S: Apple slices w/ PB – Cheese stick

B: Oatmeal with blueberries
L: Leftover soup
D: Spaghetti, melon, asparagus and brussel sprouts
S: Yogurt – Banana w/ almonds

B: Egg Pancakes
L: Tuna salad w/ boiled eggs
D: Beef Roast, acorn squash, watermelon
S: Celery w/ PB – Apple

B: Oatmeal
L: Leftovers
D: Black bean soup, melon and blueberries
S: Banana – Smoothie

B: Eggs with peppers
L: Leftovers
D: Chili
S: Yogurt – apple w/ PB

B: Oatmeal
L: Leftovers
D: Grilled chicken and veggies
S: Smoothie – Banana

You might have noticed some patterns.. I’m kinda like that too. While I do like to try different recipes and changes things up from time to time, I also like to mostly keep it simple because that’s what makes my life easier. And eating real food can be easy if you make it that way. 🙂

Happy munching!