I’ve shared my cheese disasters with you, but here’s one that thankfully hasn’t been! I’ve made this “quick” mozzarella twice now and both times it’s been an edible product.

Basically you add some citric acid to the milk, a little rennet and then in 5 min you have curd! You have to heat the curd in the microwave a couple of times till it gets stretchy then you stretch it like taffy, which is so fun! This time I soaked it in some brine after stretching.


The problem I’m having with this particular cheese is that it’s kinda bland. Hmmm….

Not sure if it’s because I use goat milk, or because it’s the “quick” kind or what the deal is. Brining helped a bit this time around as it has a little more flavor, but I’m going to have to keep reading up on this kind of cheese till I find the perfect way to make it! 🙂

Even so, having something you’ve made yourself that works on sandwiches or pizza is a huge win in my book!