This is Myrtle. She came to live with us a few weeks ago and her name was Brownie then. I felt that with a new home, she could use a new name. She seems to be liking it fine, and already responds to it at milking times!

I put an “in search of” add on craigslist awhile back because I knew we were going to be out of milk pretty soon. I had traded Polka’s babies for the Nubian babies, but Luna won’t be ready to be bred till next year sometime. And Ace is going to be bred in the next couple of months hopefully, but that would still mean that we’d have a dry spell between when Ace dried off to have her babies and when we can start milking her again.

Anyway, I wanted a Nubian in milk or already bred was what I was looking for. A guy who lives around (westernly speaking, it was like 45min away) where my parents live contacted me about Brownie turned Myrtle and we had some back and forth e-mail conversations about her and I decided to go have a look. I was taking my older kiddos to spend time with their grandparents so it all worked out well timing wise. Everyone drops of kids for a visit and comes home with a new goat, right? 😉


One thing I noticed from the photos he’d sent me was that her ears seemed a little not as Nubian as a full Nubian, and turns out I was right. Her mama is a Lamancha, which have little nubby ears. But Myrtle apparently took after her dad who was a Nubian and so she has floppy-ish ears that sometimes just stick straight out, and I find that hilarious!


She’s a sweet goat! The other goats all picked on her for awhile, of course. Goats, like chickens, like to preserve their pecking orders. But she’s fitting in fine now though occasionally someone still gets “fussy” and butts her.

The great thing about Myrtle is her milking potential! The reason I decided to go with her rather than another Nubian I’d been contacted about was because she was giving 1/2 gallon a day. And this is the first time she has been milked which means that her production is going to go up the next couple of times she has babies. In fact, her mama was milking a GALLON AND A HALF a day!! Wow!! So I’m really looking forward to seeing what kind of potential she has in the next year or so. Her teats are very large and that makes milking so much easier!


Way to go, Myrtle! We’re happy to have you on our ranch!