Stuart somehow found, amongst his internet wanderings, the concept of making recycled paper bricks to use as fire starters! We don’t have a newspaper subscription ourselves, but where he works he has access to a bunch of papers that otherwise would simply be tossed into the dumpster.

Since we got the Kitchen Queen which will be doing double duty this next winter heating our house and cooking our food, this is a great idea for us! And I’m pumped because getting the fire started is always the most challenging part for me!

The concept is basic enough, you just shred the newspaper (which we’ve discovered is very nicely done with the chipper!) and put it in a bucket to soak in water.


Then the paper water stuff is scooped into a little brick mold (like THIS) that squeezes most of the water is pressed out. The kids got a kick out of helping with this part. Stuart says that it will be one of their chores eventually… likely that’ll end the fun of it. 😉 Then the bricks are simply left in the sun to dry and voila! Paper bricks!

It’ll be fun to see how long/well they burn. But that’ll have to wait till it’s not 90-something degrees out!