To be honest Ricotta cheese hasn’t ever been a staple in our house. I have from time to time purchased some to use in Lasagna or something, but I don’t make that often… and I don’t always use the cheese when I do. 😉 So I’ve been a little confused at how to use our goat milk ricotta that I make using whey from other cheeses. I’m determined not to waste it because it’s something I made! I tell ya, your perception of things changes dramatically when you’ve had a hand in it’s creation rather than just plucking it from a grocery store shelf! Plus it’s yummy!

The first time I made it, I spread it on toast and we topped it with strawberries! Mmmmmmm!!! That was so SO good! The kids weren’t wild about it, new things take time to sink in with them. I liked it a lot though, so now I kinda had this perception that it needed to be eating with something sweet! And I started imagining all the fruit I could smear it on! Cantaloupe came to mind! How about fresh Pineapple??? Wow, I’m getting hungry just typing this!!

But I also wanted to try it in different ways too. I mean, what DO you do with Ricotta??? I made the above sandwich to take with me in the truck when I was swapping goats the other day and it was really good!! I liberally spread 2 slices of toast with the ricotta, and then added cucumber slices with some Himalayan Sea Salt and pepper on top. It was cool and refreshing and very “summery.”

I’m out of it now, but I’m still looking for suggestions for this amazingly versatile little cheese! So leave me some suggestions in the comments! I’d love to know your favorite way to use ricotta!