This week I felt like I got a lot done! 🙂 There were a lot of firsts that happened too!

I made hard cheese for the FIRST time! What an exciting day that was! It’s going to be hard to wait for 4 weeks before we get to taste it! Right now it’s working on it’s rind and later today, I hope, I’m going to wax it.

We tattooed goats for the first time. I was dreading it, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, just kinda messy. We had to get them done because our little Hermione and Ginny went to a new home this week. It made me sad, but I know they are in a good place where they will be spoiled beyond belief! And they got to go together, which is a very good thing!

When I dropped them off with their new owner I picked up from her 2 little Nubian babies! 🙂 One doe with great milky genetics and her neutered brother. They are timid and shy, but I’ll work on them and win them over if it takes a whole Costco sized bag of raisins. 😉 They will be officially introduced on the blog later.

I got the experimental garden enclosed with chicken wire to protect it from the every destructive Thor! I also managed to get the plants we bought from Lowe’s (since none of my sprouts survived) planted in the garden. So for the moment it is green!

The flooded greenhouse bed has been in sad shape, but I was slowly bailing the water out! What a mess!! I used it to saturate and fertilize the straw bales that I also want to grow things in, so at least that was a plus. This week, I evened out the sludge in it as much as possible and added a little “dry” dirt on top and then planted some plants. I figured why wait for all that water to evaporate when the plants will use it up the best. So, I hope they don’t drown, and that things all balance out in there pretty quickly.

I also created another little “bed” that I planted sunflower and milkweed seeds in. If it grows It’ll be a lovely place for some bees and butterflies to enjoy, and the chickens will get the sunflower heads once they are harvested!

So mostly this week has been about getting stuff in the ground and swapping up our goat herd a bit. This weekend we are hiring a little help to hopefully make a lot of progress on the goat fence! Once that “little” project is done, a LOT of other pieces can fall into place! Not the least of which is getting Thor OUT of the yard and up with the goats like he’s supposed to be. 😉

So what have you been up to this week?