Have I told you I have black thumbs? 🙂 Well, it’s true, sadly, I kill green things just by looking at them! The poor houseplants probably need therapy. I just don’t seem to have the knack.

But I still want to grow a garden!! I have the ideal “plot” of flat space in the fenced in yard that would be perfect for a garden!! Well, perfect if it had soil that was worth anything, but in terms of space it’s perfect. But every time I’d look at that patch, overgrown with weeds, full of rocks and weeds, and sand and weeds, I’d get overwhelmed with how in the world to turn it into a viable growing space for anything but weeds. Plus… ya know, I don’t really grow stuff, just kill it.

So I decided that I’d start small (which is good advice) and try one little spot in the patch. One day I went out with the shovel and attempted to clear out the grass and weed clumps.


There’s the “patch.” I also discovered that I work better within boarders so I grabbed some of the left over retaining wall blocks and made a little “bed.” Yay!! This cleared up so much mental confusion for me it was unreal!


I filled it with a layer of litter from the chicken coop, topped with a layer of hay/manure from the goat’s pile and then to top all of that I put in potting soil.


My thinking is that the litter layers will break down under the soil and provide fertilizer and mulch and ultimately a better soil in the end. I put some wood chips around the outside to discourage weeds as well. Hopefully I can get some plants in here soon and something will start to grow. 😉

I call it the “experimental garden” because if I can’t make anything grow in this small patch what’s the point of trying a bigger patch? Though even if nothing does grow, I know I’ll try again. That’s the thing, you just have to get started and keep trying till you find something that works. And maybe someday I’ll have a lovely thriving garden and my black thumbs will have turned a lovely shade of green!