So I missed the Life on the Ranch post last week, and believe me when I tell you that I can honestly NOT remember what happened last week. 😉 But I’ll tell you a bit about this week.

Our twins turned one this week! How did that happen?? We will be celebrating with lots of frosting tomorrow!

One of our chicks disappeared. 🙁 I hope that our rogue dog is not to blame, but who knows what happened. I don’t like it when any of our animals go AWOL but I kinda wished it had been one of the 4 Roos instead of a pullet. A couple of those boys, at least, are going to end up as dinner, and we all know just how much I love doing that!

Along those lines we have yet to taste our own homegrown chicken. I just haven’t been able to pull one out of the freezer and cook it yet… maybe someday… hopefully someday… anyone want to buy some chicken??

I’ve been working on our garden plot. I have an “experimental garden” in the works. I bought some plants to go in it, but haven’t planted them yet because our pup, Thor, is still living in our backyard and I’m afraid he would dig up the plants, or worse. But I’m going to have to put them in this next week, dog or no dog, so we’ll see what happens. I may reuse the chewed up trampoline net as a kind of barrier around the garden…. we’ll see.

Last weekend we picked up a huge load of free straw from the construction site in our teeny town!! We were excited about that and are using some of it for straw bale gardening and some for some ground cover to kill off weeds and such in the space we want to be dedicated garden space at some point. All of this, of course, is positive thinking considering we know next to nothing about real gardening, and I mostly kill any green thing that comes near me. We’re putting in a heroic effort though, and if our experimental garden can grow one edible tomato or pepper I’ll consider it a success. 😉 (secretly I hope it’s more than one though)

The projects we have going on for the weekend, besides the birthday celebration, are to reinforce the floor where the Kitchen Queen stove is going to be, continue working on fence post holes for the goat’s enclosure and get hay for those goats who love to eat! 😉

Hope your week has been fantastic!