One of my all time favorite real food treats are these coconut oil chocolates. I’ve seen several variations on the recipes and traced the origins to different places. Seems this one was modified from one that was taken from the Nourished Traditions book, which I’ve never read.

For what it’s worth you can experiment with this recipe to make yummy treats with different things. I think adding some coconut for a kind of ‘almond joy’ type treat would be nice. I’ve done it with mint extract for a chocolate mint as well. It’s pretty forgiving so I’d imagine there’s not much you can do that will mess this one up!

I first tried these a couple of years ago when I was trying to change my diet (and lose a few pounds) but I still found myself caving to sweets cravings. Coconut oil is good for ya, and these are sweetened with honey or maple syrup so it’s about as amazing a little treat as you can find. Eat away, no guilt included!! 🙂

The first one I made used only the Coconut oil, maple syrup and coco, but I found that I really enjoy the texture of the recipe I’m using now with the addition of natural almond or peanut butter! You really do need to make some of these! It’ll change your life! 😉

Here’s what you do:

In a small pot over low heat until just melted and combined add:
1/2 c. coconut oil
1/2 c. coco powder
1/2 c. almond or peanut butter (use the natural kind with no added corn syrup!)
1/4 c. honey or maple syrup
1/2 t. vanilla

It’ll be really runny so poor into mini muffin tins or very thin layers in regular sized muffin tins. You don’t want them to be too huge or you’ll have to make them more often. 😉 I use the mini muffins and they are the perfect size!

Pop em in the freezer till set then pop out of the tins. I usually use a toothpick to help me get them out but they don’t really stick. Store in a container in the freezer. They will melt pretty easily so keep cool! 🙂

Enjoy! I did….

PS. Don’t think that if you skip (or forget) the sweetener that these will just be like dark chocolate… it won’t. Trust me. 😉