The steer we bought went to the processor a couple of weeks ago! I’m really looking forward to filling our fridge/freezer with grass-fed beef! It’s been a long wait, but finally looks like we’ll be bringing home the beef pretty soon! I’ll have to wait till it’s all said and done to break down the price per pound of what the steer cost us. Still, it’s worth it in the end!

Stuart and I watched a video clip by Jamey Oliver of the Food Revolution about pink slime. It’s gross stuff, to say the least, and it’s legally added to about 70% of the ground beef available to the public. And doesn’t have to be listed either. And that “food” is made out of the bits of cow that are left over after the “normal” cuts have been made that is traditionally sold for DOG FOOD!! And now they are saying it’s great stuff, perfectly safe, nothing wrong with it since we washed it in ammonia. Any flags going up for anyone else? Yuck!

I’m happy to say that Safeway is now carrying 100% grass feed beef. It’ll run you $7.99/lb for ground beef and even more for steak and such. But here’s the thing, we need to change our thinking about meat. Most of the time you think of ground beef as a “filler” in casseroles and soups and such, or for hamburgers. If you start to think of it as a whole meal it doesn’t seem as expensive. I haven’t bought the GF steaks yet because I know we’re getting some soon from our steer, so I’ve been holding out. However, I have been getting some ground beef. The reason is that Spaghetti has become my “easy” meal and we have it every other week or sometimes even every week depending on how busy I am. I want to use grass-fed beef in the sauce so I pony up for the seemingly super expensive beef. But when I think that I’m feeding 5 of us with the beef, organic whole wheat noodles, and organic sauce, the breakdown in price per person for a meal is not that high. Plus we usually have left overs so there’s more meals taken care of as well. Cheap meat is really not that cheap. The ground beef you get from the store that likely contains pink slime is going to cost you over $3/lb anyway. Is it really worth the extra few bucks savings?

It’s hard to meld a frugal mind with one that wants the best food. I know, I’ve been trying to do it for more than a year now and I still wince sometimes as I’m choosing items in the store. But making more healthful food choices now will, I’m convinced, pay off in the long run.

So if you are interested in buying grass fed beef and you can’t do a side of beef or find a farmer or whatever, then at least you know there is something available at a local grocery store. Just plan your meals carefully, and enjoy the beef! It does a body good! 😉