I thought I’d start a new weekly post just of things that happened on the Ranch that week. 🙂 Here ya go!

This week it decided to be Spring, then not, then Spring again, and just kidding not. So I made a fire 3 days this week because I don’t like to be cold! If it’s chilly inside I want to be able to go outside to warm up, and visa versa. I’m spoiled I know. We did get a leeetle rain though and that’s always welcome as it’s way too parched around here already!

One of our Cornish chicks is injured or sick. It won’t, or can’t, walk and I’m a little at my wits end to know what to do! Experience is the best teacher but it works slowly. In the mean time I have a bird that I need to do something with. I have to wait till Saturday to dispatch it, so if it hasn’t improved or died, by then Stuart and I will have to put it out of it’s misery. 🙁 There are hard parts of this whole process.

I’m listing Polly’s babies for sale. Kinda makes me sad, but it’s time to start making changes in the herd. I can’t wait for the new fence to be finished for the goats, but as always, we can only do so much at once. 🙂

Stuart and I are learning, via youtube clips, about Holistic Management when it comest to farming and livestock. It’s actually really interesting! I think that we for sure need to look into movable, electric paddocks that we can use for goats, chickens and other animals we may add to the mix. If we’re going to raise them we might as well get them to work for us in improving the land, right?

I’m starting to get “little pig” fever. 😉 I really want to raise some pigs to butcher sometime soon… maybe next year. *sigh*

I still have some issues with Polly on the milk stand. She’s not quite the rodeo show that she was when I first started milking her, but her patience with being milked only lasts as long as the grain in the feed bucket, so I still have to contend with some “dancing hooves” toward the end with her. As far as getting milk out she’s easier to milk than Polka, but because of her lack of manners I never have completely emptied her out, so I’m still not sure of her actual output. Oh well… if we sell the babies soon then she’ll HAVE to be milked out.

The chicks are doing well in the coop with the big girls. Last night when I went down to close up the coop, quite a few of the younger chicks were actually ON the roost on the rung right below the hens. I take that as a good sign that the new flock is forming nicely. Makes me happy!

And that’s about it for news. 😉 Stuart has a 3 day weekend coming up and we hope to get some good progress on some of the projects around here. We’re also looking for a good chicken coop design that Stuart can build that will safely house our girls and have a section we can use for brooding chicks as well. Shoot us any ideas you might have!