If you follow us on Facebook <--That's the link BTW 😉 you will have met Ace already. I need time to catch us all up to speed as things have been happening around here faster than I can blog about them! Anyway, Ace is our new Nubian pack horse goat. 😉 She came to live with us the first week of April. And the story goes like this.

Little farmsteader on the mesa did her homework and decided that for her family Nigerian Dwarfs sounded like the best breed of goat to get for good, fresh, raw milk because said person was “freaked out” of goaty tasting milk. 😉 Cue two ND goats and a LRB later and she was pretty happy with her choice. Till the goaties had babies (4 altogether) and lil’ farmsteader had to trek to the barn in the cold cold mornings and force her aching hands to milk the goats for 2.5 measly cups of milk that wouldn’t even cover the twins’ milk consumption needs never mind the 3 “big kids” and the occasional glass of milk for she and her hubby to have with chocolate chip cookies. The charm of these mini-goats was wearing off.

And that’s pretty much how Ace came to be part of the family. Honestly I did do my research and based on what I read these little goats should be producing more than what they are… or the numbers people are spouting are inflated…. or people are feeding the goats lots of corn and such to make more milk, which I’m not willing to do.

Fortunately we found someone who’s been the goat world for a lot of years. She had Ace, who is a HUGE Nubian because she was 3 before she was bred. BIG girl! And Ace was in milk, giving just over a gallon a day. Sounded good to me! I knew her production would drop when she had to deal with the stress of leaving her herd and all, but she’s settled in here pretty well and is giving us about 2.5 quarts a day. That with the little help from the minis is plenty of milk for the whole family. So that’s been great! And her milk is sweet and not goaty! 😉

Ace is a big baby and “talks” quite a bit which is something Nubians do. She “hangs out” with the baby goats and gets stuck with nanny duty when they are all out to browse in the afternoons, but she’s doing well with our girls.

Now I have choices to make about what to do with the little goats. *sigh* We really like all of our goats, so I’m torn as to what to do with them. Right now I’m leaning toward keeping Polka’s babies because the owner told me that with the genetics on their daddy’s side they should be better milkers than Polka. And I think I’ll keep Polly through her next freshening too, because she’s actually doing pretty well on the milk stand, and her teats aren’t as hard on my hands as Polka’s are. I also want to add another Nubian in the late summer/ Fall that is or can be bred.

So… changes coming in the herd in the near future. Polly’s babies are about old enough to be sold, so I think I’m going to list them and Polka too, and see if we get any bites. Makes me sad to think about it, but the purpose of our goats is to make dairy for us to use, so that’s what we need to focus on. We like Ace a lot! She’s huge, as I mentioned, but she’s sweet too, and with a little bit of work her milk stand manners are improving. 😉