You’ve likely seen this concept or heard of it before, but let this be the post that convinces you to do it! 🙂 Use regular ol’ cheap distilled white vinegar to clean the ick and gunk off your produce when you bring it home from the store. I’m still attempting to make this a habit. Most days by the time I get home from the store (which is an hour and 45 min away from our abode) I just want to put things away as quickly as possible so I can be done thinking about groceries. 😉

So what I’ve started trying to do is to fill the sink with cold water add a cup-ish (I don’t measure, just splash) of vinegar and dump all the produce in so it can soak while I put away the rest of the stuff.

Then I bust out the colander and put them in, give a good rinse with that little spray thingy that’s on the sink, and put them away too. I store grapes, and berries with paper towels in the containers to soak up any extra moisture, and the apples just go in a big basket on the counter for the kids to take one when they need a snack.

The biggest perk is that I don’t have to wash them off again later when we’re ready to eat them! Yay for saving time during meal preps! Try this, it works! You might be surprised at the uh… stuff that comes off your produce and is left in the sink! And then be very thankful that you didn’t actually eat it that way! 😉

Do this for organic produce too because lots of handling has gone on with that stuff before it makes it to your fridge. Just sayin’. 😉