Okay, I confess, I’m totally ready for warm weather and grilling season!! CAN. NOT. WAIT!!! It may or may not be warm enough where you’re at to think about grilling, but regardless you should mix up a batch of this rub, just to be ready! 😀


This is my absolute favorite meat rub!! I love that I know what ingredients are in it and love the kick it gives to grilled meat in the summer! The recipe was intended as a rub for slow cooked pork shoulder in a pulled-pork recipe and it’s delish that way too! You’ve got to try this and let your imagination run with ways to use it. I think it’s great on just about any meat. Tried it on steak, chicken and pork. By far it’s my favorite way to prepare pork chops for grilling! I double the recipe, so that’s what’s pictured, and that container will last us at least all summer. It’s only 8 ingredients, and pretty simple to do so go ahead and whip up a batch. You can go for the original size recipe if you think there’s a chance you won’t like it, but I suggest just to go ahead and do the double because it’s awesome! 😉

The only thing that I do not double and in fact cut back slightly is the cayenne. It’s just spicy enough for me this way, but still a little too spicy for the kids. Their meat usually gets a different treatment. 😉

1 Tablespoon of each
Garlic Powder
Chili Powder (or you can split it and do some Chipotle chili powder too for some smoky flavor, Mmmmm!)
Cayenne Pepper (seriously suggest that you cut this back to half as much unless you have flame resistant taste buds! 😉 If doubling the recipe I put in slightly less than a tablespoon)
Ground Pepper

1/2 c. Brown sugar

Mix together and store in an airtight container. Just rub it on the meat before grillin’ that’s all there is to it!


Happy grillin’!