Our chickens, ya know the 4 surviving hens, have a little game they like to play called, “lets freak out the farmer.” It works pretty well too.

Here’s how it’s played, when the sun begins to go down, strut around in the yard near the windows and maybe cluck a bit just to make sure that someone sees you and thinks to themselves, “I guess that chicken will be heading to the coop soon.” Then find somewhere to hide and do NOT go to the coop. The person who saw you will go to the coop count the chickens, see that you are missing and be convinced that you were the latest victim to the coyote’s appetite and be thoroughly depressed all evening. They may even dream about you and your awesome eggs during the night.

In the morning come out from wherever you spent the cold, lonely night and strut around the yard again so that when someone comes out to get wood for the fire, or head to the barn with milk pail in tow they will see you and stop short in amazement that you are indeed alive! Yay!! They will be so happy to see you!

The second time you play this game get one of your friends to do it with you. Nothing like a little good old fashioned peer pressure! Then someone will be REALLY depressed all evening because they’ll be sure that NONE of their original flock of chickens will last till spring. And cluck to yourself how very smart and funny you are when someone comes out in the morning and sees your friend hiding up on TOP of the carport, and you roosting under the steps to the trampoline! What a funny funny bird I am! 😉

And if you think this is a made up story it is not!

Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:


While I’m very happy to see the girls alive, I’m getting a bit tired of this game!

And I still have no idea how that chicken made it up to the roof! I’ve never seen one fly that high, so I can only conclude that she climbed. 😀 There’s a mental picture!