The native trees around the Ranch consist of Juniper, Juniper, Juniper, lotsa lotsa Sage (though that’s not really a tree) some Cottonwood and more Juniper. Guess who is allergic to both Juniper AND Sage? Oh… that would be me!! Ugh!

Anyway, we’ve been reading up on permaculture and it is just so fascinating! We even watched this video of a guy who went to a desert in Jordan and through permaculture was able to create an oasis that was growing FOOD in the middle of salt flats! It was amazing! Really amazing!

The soil we have at the Ranch is not ideal for growing things (besides Juniper, ha). It’s very sandy on the top, like sand-box sandy and then down a little it’s clay. Oy!

We, by no means, have the permaculture thing figured out. It’s the concept of it though that makes us optimistic that we can eventually create soil here that is good for growing things. And in the meantime we’re trying to find trees and such that will grow out here. Windbreaks are one of the biggest reasons we have for getting some more trees out here. The wind can be brutal in the Spring, and it would be nice to have a bit of a buffer around the house and barn.

So we planted this little pine. And learned something pretty quickly. Goats like to eat little trees!


So Stuart put up a little fence around the poor thing that already had the needles stripped off it’s top branches. We’re hoping it pulls through! Now the goats walk by, lean in and scratch their bellies on the wire, but can’t eat the tree.

We also got a second one for another location. Here one of our littlest ones is “helping” dig the hole for it. 😉


The second little tree got a fence right away so it seems to be doing much better since it hasn’t been a snack for goats. 😉 Hopefully they will take off once the spring growing season hits.

We also plan to get some “fast growing trees” from a farm that delivers locally. These trees claim to be hearty, thrive in various soils and grow EXTREMELY fast. All good qualities for trees to plant out here.

Maybe we can get that windbreak in a few years after all! 🙂