Before Polka kidded, and by the way, I finally found the paperwork on her breeding and her due date was, ya know, variable, but what it said was “earliest Jan 9, latest Jan 17. Well, guess what, she didn’t kid till Jan 26!!! That is 9 days overdue!! I didn’t even know that was possible in goats!

But I digress.

We were letting the goats out ever afternoon for a little exercise and browse time. They were great at sticking close to the house, and not causing any ruckus. 🙂 They even went with us on a few family walks. Pretty sure they think that they are part of our “herd.”

After the babies were born we kept them in their yard for a few days while the little ones got steady on their feet. Polly really missed her afternoon adventures and would “baaaaa” rather loudly at anyone who came out of the house, just to remind us that we should be turning her loose. Ha! I did let her out on her own one day. They aren’t as comfortable with that. Polka was content to stay in their yard with her babies and Polly jaunted up and down the hills a bit, but you could tell she was on edge, because she prefers to stick with her herd.

Finally I figured it was time for the babies to get used to the tradition as well, and they had their first “day out.” Polka kept them pretty close to the LRB and their adventure wasn’t a long one, but I think they had fun!


At less than two weeks old they are already attempting to eat hay and nibble on bits of plant matter that they come across. I’m daily amazed by these little creatures! I can’t believe I haven’t had goats before! What was I thinking??


Myles thought it was so cool that the babies were out! Polka spent most of her time ears up, very vigilant for her babies and I think that’s great! She is an excellent mom!! She made it pretty clear to our dog, when he came over to investigate these two new little “things,” that he wasn’t to come one step closer. He took the hint and sat at a respectful distance. 😉

I’m not ready to turn them loose EVERY day yet, but we’ll work up to it. Polly is due in March and she needs to continue to exercise. Now that Polka has slimmed down again, it makes it fairly obvious that Polly is getting big! Looking forward to more kiddies and more milk on our lil Ranch!