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Before I ever had a thought in my head of owning chickens or a goat or trying to grow or raise most of the food we consume, change had to start with simple little baby steps.

The whole process of learning what is healthy and what is not, learning to see past the marketing hype on “healthy” packaged foods, and realizing that to truly have control of what goes into your body you have to be way more involved, is a journey. A process that doesn’t happen over night or even over a year or 10 years. We learn continually through all of life as we strive to make life better for ourselves and our families. So I’m going to share the baby steps that started me along this journey.

Remember that I came from the mindset that if I baked a Marie Callendar’s pot pie that I was fixing a “healthy” dinner, so I had a LONG way to go in this process that led us to whole REAL food!

Growing up I had plenty of exposure to fad diets, diet programs and the whole concept of trying to eat less calories, less fat, less sugar, less carbs or whatever for the purpose, mainly, of losing weight. It nearly all centered around the scale and the numbers on it, rather than health and wellness. Fortunately I wasn’t personally concerned with most of it because weight wasn’t one of my struggles, and I was a very active person, so the fittness/wellness part of it I never thought of much either.

Fast forward to when I was married and gained 15lbs in almost no time and it’s a different story. I’ll say that I believe that weight gain was due to hormonal birth control which I have since become strongly opposed to. Don’t mess with your hormones ladies, it’s not a pretty picture, and can really mess up much more than weight! But I’ll save that for another topic. 🙂 The point is, this weight really bothered me, even though my frame could manage it quite well.

So I tried a few of the diet fad things trying to lose that weight and it was awful. Slimfast, yeah right! How do you get through a day of nannying 3 rambunctious boys without any food?! And then the food I did eat was a lot of processed/convenience stuff. The afore mentioned pot pies, hot pockets, etc. Hey, we didn’t know better! But I started reading up on different things like the glycemic index. I’d never heard of that up to this point and found it to be very interesting! I certainly knew the sugar drop feeling, but to this point my way of dealing with it was to eat a carby snack like cheese crackers, or a nutrigrain type bar. Oy!

I started to realize that there was more to what we use to fuel our bodies than just something to keep our tummies full, and that my friends, was the first baby step!