We recently found a farm/ranch in get-to-able distance from us. When you live in the Wild West you’re used to driving a “couple hours” like it’s no big deal, because that’s just what you have to do. Anyway, I was determined to find our family some grass-fed organic beef, and I did! I also found a pig from the same place, score!!

Eventually we want to someday raise our own beef and pork, but while I’d look at craigslist adds and stuff and see the cute piggies and calves and make plans and wishes, we knew we just aren’t “there” yet. And when the farming bug hits, it’s hard to be patient and not get into the bad habit of trying to do it all at once.

Still, I was dead set on finding better meat for our family. I’m not cool with buying it from the grocery store because of things I’ve read/seen about how many of those animals are treated. Ugh, makes my stomach turn! Not to mention what they are fed, that’s also a stomach turner. So I knew for us that finding a farm with animal raising/feeding practices that we could be comfortable with was our best choice for the time being.

We may still have gotten a little carried away. We bought a WHOLE steer! He ended up weighing 1500 lbs, live. Oh my! Along with that we also purchased a whole pig. Um….

We needed more freezer space. So we invested in some chest style freezers, two smaller ones rather than one behemoth because they seal better. We also plan to share this meat with friends and family who are interested in purchasing some as well.

Our animals, at least the steer, were processed a couple of weeks ago and are now dry-curing. I don’t know much about the whole butchering process, at all, with these larger critters, so I was very grateful for the young man who works at the ranch who has been freely giving me advice and guiding us through the whole thing. Our meat will hopefully be ready in about a week. Which is just about perfect timing. Because this is what our current freezer situation looks like.


Mmmmm… quinoa, wheat flour, assortments of veggies…. don’t be fooled by what looks like a buncha meat on the bottom. Much of that is ages old and badly freezer burnt. It’s from way back before I even knew how to properly store and freeze meat. Isn’t it a shame how much we waste by not properly preparing stuff. 🙁

Because of the snow last weekend, we did not make it to the store, so we’ve been living off of what was in the house already. The other night I had no clue what to fix for dinner so I pulled out this bag of fish filets which… to be honest I don’t even know what it was doing in there since I’m not a huge fish fan… unless it’s Salmon. Anyway, I cooked some up and the kids, mostly, liked it. But I was NOT pleased to see this when I looked at the label on the package.


So yes… that meat canNOT get here fast enough! 🙂