We got our goats Polka and Polly from different herds at the same time last November. They were bred to the same buck, but I don’t think they’d ever met before we stuffed them in a crate together for the ride home.

Here they are, kinda freaked out, heading to their new home.


There wasn’t a lot of extra space in there, as you can see, so they kinda bumped heads a bit and that was the end of it. Polka was pretty much the undisputed head honcho from the get go however. She’s got probably 2 years on Polly and just has a bit more of a commanding presence. Polly doesn’t really seem to be much of an instigator however, so the squabbles between them have been minimal.

Fast forward to Polka becoming a mom again and it’s a game changer! Suddenly the barn, the food, the yard and pretty much anything else becomes her own personal property and woe be tide the goat, dog or barn kitty who dares to come into her domain. 😉 I actually get quite a kick out of watching her charge the cat! He’s in mortal dread of her and finally started using the custom kitty-door on the barn just to avoid Polka.

Feeding time kids!!

The cat can take care of himself though. The one I feel sorry for is Polly! For the first, probably 3 days after the babies were born Polka would charge at Polly if the latter so much as breathed in the direction of the babies. They still had to be locked up together at nights, but once they were all in their prospective places to sleep, things seemed okay. But Polly has to snag mouthfuls of hay by stealth when Polka happened to not be looking, and she’s been butted plenty. And that does bother me because while it hasn’t been overly aggressive, at least the altercations that I’ve seen, Polly is pregnant (we’re pretty sure) and I don’t want her or the little ones injured. She does from time to time butt back just to save face, but most of the time she runs away. And if I’m in the barn, she hides behind me.


Fortunately it’s only animals that Polka is protective against. We’ve been in there multiple times a day, and the kids have handled and petted the babies. She is vigilant, but never “bothered” by it, so that’s good.

In the last couple of days Polka seems to be relaxing a bit. She doesn’t have to have her eyeballs on her babies every second of the day, and she doesn’t charge Polly just for existing as much. 🙂 I keep telling Polly that her day is coming. In a few months she can be all hormonal psycho-mom, but till then…. just stay out of her way! 🙂