I have Stuart to thank for the title of today’s post. 🙂 I’ve been wanting to write this one, but I was having difficulty coming up with a title that really worked. That one nailed it.

I suffer from the disconnect.

And unless you already live on a full-operation farm, you too likely suffer from the disconnect.

Now before you rush to make an appointment with your doc, let me explain. 😉 It’s like this. We purchased 12 little fluffy cute, cheeping chicks last spring and cared for them, fed and tended to them, moved them from place to place as they grew and watched them feather out and start looking more like chickens for about 4.5 months. Then one day I was doing something in the coop with my little girl and I glanced into a corner and saw 2 BEAUTIFUL brown eggs in a little hollow in the chips! It was an ecstatic moment! The fulfillment of all the time, effort and investment was encapsulated in those two little eggs! (Actually one was HUGE and contained 2 yolks, ha!)


Nice story, right? What does it have to do with disconnect? Well I’ll tell you. I fed one of those eggs to my hubby first… ya know, to kind of see if he suddenly dropped on his feet or something. Then I boiled the second one and bravely chopped it into my green salad for dinner one night. I actually had to kind of work past that good ol gag reflex to get it down that first time. The thing was, I noticed a significant flavor difference immediately, but it still took me a little while to be “comfortable” eating eggs that I knew came from our own backyard chickens. Why is that? The disconnect.

See, unless you’ve been raised eating from your own animals, it can be a little intimidating to do so. Going to the store, buying packaged meat, cartoned eggs all looking exactly alike, and milk in jugs or cartons makes it SUPER easy to forget that there was a lot of animal investment in all of those products.

Now we are getting milk from our goat. I’ve already told you that watching the poor thing waddle around huge for the last month-ish and then being present for her day-long efforts to bring those kids into the world have given me a better appreciation for milk and what goes into it before it ever gets to the fridge.

Buuuuuut…. I have a confession, I already have the same “gag-relfex” aversion to drinking the amazing raw milk that we’ve worked so hard to get all this time! Yes, it’s true! Will I drink it? Yes, of course! Just like the eggs, it’ll take me a little time to be “okay” with drinking milk that I milked from an animal with my own two hands, but yes I’m going to do it, and I know that I’ll eventually love it as well.

It’s simply overcoming the disconnect. I imagine that I will have to go through it with just about all the food producing things we introduce on our Ranch, except maybe garden stuff. 🙂 And after all, food is the whole reason we are where we are! When we raise meat chickens and harvest/process them, I’ll likely feel the same. And when pigs, sheep or steers come to stay with us for awhile before moving to our freezers, it’ll crop up again. But I’m going to conquer the disconnect, I’m determined! Just like I’d hate to have to buy eggs from the store now because I love our farm fresh eggs so much, I’ll feel the same about the milk, meat and produce too.


The disconnect is natural to we who have not had the privilege of knowing our food before it ends up on the dinner table, but we can all work to overcome that disconnect by paying a little more attention to our food, how it was raised/grown, and where it came from. I’m so happy that our kids aren’t going to struggle with the disconnect. They simply can’t wait to get to drink milk from our goats! Their enthusiasm is catching, and I love to see it!


By the way, I let Stuart take the first taste of our goat milk. So far, he’s still standing. 😉