Our 6 hens are, I’m sure, doing their best to provide us with eggs. I can’t really fault them for not being in the “mood” to lay. After all, their short lives have been somewhat traumatic in this first year. (I’ll write more about that in another post) However, our family LOVES eggs!

And this….


… just isn’t cutting it! Well, if I ration and plan it does, but who wants to have to ration something as awesome as organic, free range eggs?!

The days were I find 4 are the good days. The days where I find one are not so good. We went from having 3-4 of the 18 count cartons in the fridge and me thinking I’d never be able to figure out what to do with all the eggs, to having to wait on chickens to get baking and such done.

Still, I’m determined that even if I have to ration and plan a little more around the girls “laying schedule” I can do that much to avoid having to purchase eggs from the store. Now that we’ve experienced what “real” eggs should taste like, there ain’t no goin’ back! 😉

Hopefully as the days lengthen we will see an uptick in the gal’s production. Meanwhile I’m planning my “Valentine’s Day gift” this year to be more chickens! 🙂

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