Wandering Springs’ first kids!

WSR Hermione

and her sister

WSR Ginny

These little goats are the cutest things ever!! We’re completely smitten by them! Our children (better start using that word to differentiate between people and goats) think they are the coolest little things, and of course, they’re right!

I’ll write a post later in the week with all the fun facts about Polka’s L&D for those who are interested. 😉 The short version is that I spent HOURS cold and board sitting in a smelly barn with a goat for just a few minutes of action. 😉 But as it was my first time, I wanted to know what to look for. And I’ll share that with you!

Also, I’ve had my first milking experiences. Just to even up Polka since the kids both seem to be favoring one side, and I have a couple of observations. 1) OOOOOOUUUUUUUCCCCCHHHHH!! My hands and wrists are NOT milk-maid ready! and 2) My left hand, surprisingly, does better than my right. But more on milk and milkin’ later on too!

In the mean time, enjoy the pictures of these cutie-patuties and hopefully I can post a video soon of their bouncy antics! It sure didn’t take them long to get some spring in their steps! Ack, I can hardly handle all the cuteness!