I can almost hear what she’s thinking. “I’m so tired of being so huge and uncomfortable all the time! Seriously, can you hear me trying to breathe when I lie down? Ugh!”

Yeah, I never imagined I’d be empathizing with a goat, but watching this poor critter get rounder and rounder and waddle waddle waddle around reminds me too much of how I felt while pregnant. 😉 And it gives me a real appreciation for the milk that we are hoping to have soon. When you realize that so much more goes into a cold, creamy glass of milk to drink that just pulling a jug from a supermarket shelf, it makes your appreciate it more!

I’m so excited about the kids (whenever they arrive) and SO excited about milking my goat and having fresh raw milk for my family to enjoy that I can hardly stand this suspense!! But stressing over it won’t make it happen any faster, so I’m trying to relax and just let it happen.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t trot out to the LRB several times a day just to “check.” 🙂

Polka, my dear, this angle is much more slimming on you!

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