Never boils, right? Plus at our altitude it takes a zillion years to boil even if you’re not watching it! 😉 Or so it seems to the patience-challenged!

Anyway, it’s not a pot of water that I’m impatiently waiting for these days! It’s our pregnant goat, Polka!


(Waddle, waddle. Poor thing! I know how she feels!)

We bought Polka this past November from an awesome lady who’s been raising goats for 42-ish years! She’s been so helpful and is always willing to answer any newbie questions that I might come up with. She sold us Polka because she knew that we wanted to get started with milk goats and her goal is to help people get off on the right foot. Polka is a show goat and has won multiple blue ribbons! Wow! We aren’t planning to show our goats just yet, but having that kind of bloodlines to start out our herd is really awesome! Polka was bred before we ever contacted her owner and is bred to a buck with pretty spectacular milk lines as well, so I’m hoping great things for these kids.

Anyway, her breeding date was a little sketchy since she acted like she was in heat again a week after the original date and then again a week later. Hmmm… strange girl! She did have an ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy and they could see 2 babies and possibly another at that point.

All of that to say that her first due date was Jan 9. Well… that came and went and nuthin.’ I think the second date was the 14th and again… nuthin’. So I’m pretty sure the third date was (drum roll) TODAY!! But so far… you got it, nuthin’!

For 3 weeks I’ve been watching this poor goat like she was at ticking time bomb and nuthin’ nuthin’ nuthin!!! Arg!! I’m about to go nuts! I also feel pretty bad for the poor thing. She waddles around, drags her big belly over low stuff, and when she lies down her breathing is very obviously “squished.” I do sympathize, poor thing! Reminds me of those last few weeks with the twins!

So for her sake, and our own, I hope that the kids come soon! and that their arrival is drama free! I have to leave the ranch this weekend, so it would be nice if they showed up before then! While I’m confident that Stuart would do a great job being midwife, I’m not so sure he wants to be left alone to do it. 😉

Common, Polka! You can do it!! Lets all think kidding kinds of thoughts! Ha!